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Three centuries of tradition

Artur's roots are deeply embedded in art. Back in the 18 century, his great
grandfather Gevorg Kalendjian built over seventeen Armenian Churches in West
Armenia. His grandfather and father continued this artistic tradition and were well-known craftsmen whose metal works, railings, gates, and fences decorate building throughout Aphasia and Russia. Artur knew from a young age that he was destined to follow his family's tradition. He graduated from one of the finest schools of art in Moscow with his masters in sculpting, hand-wood carving, and design. Along with his father, they opened and operated a well-known company called "Eskusstvo" in Russia. They specialized in the restoration of historical masterpieces and worked on restoring the Throne of Peter in St. Petersburg, Pushkin's Museum in Moscow, and the Church of Kelln in Germany. Artur also designed and fabricated works of art for the academy of Ury Gagarin who was the first cosmonaut.

Hand-crafted artistry continues in America

In 1996, Artur moved with his family to the United States. Along with his
sister, Arpik, an accomplished professional iconographer (artist specializing in pictorial illustration), and his father Tigran, they continued their master craftsmanship here. They joined in 1996 Conrad Shmitt Studio, then in 1998 Inspired Artisans Studio, this firm specializing in liturgical art design, fabrication and restoration.

They participated in a multitude of projects. One of the more noteworthy endeavors include the design and fabrication of 14 original stained-glass windows for St. John's Armenian Church in Greenfield, Wisconsin which was dedicated by his eminence Archbishop Khajag Barsamian.

They also crafted a life-sized hand-carved wood statue of the holy family in Hartland, Wisconsin, Statues of St. Mary in Saratoga, California, and a life-size Virgin Mary holding a child for St. Mary's church in Elgin, Illinois.

They also participated in the restoration of stained-glass windows of St. John Basilica church in Milwaukee Wisconsin.

The new company brings custom architectural features into homes

In 1999, Artur established his own company, Arttig Art. His goal was to take his extensive artistic and design experience and create unique one of a kind Artistic Projects for Churches, Private Homes, and Businesses. He has succeeded in creating unusual, exquisite projects that can be seen not only here in the United States but worldwide. Artur uses many mediums including Steel, Bronze, Brass, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, wood, acrylic, glass, clay, or fabric to create his works. With help from other professional artists, he has completed over 2000 projects including stained glass, statues, restoration of historical buildings, custom-made

furniture, ornamental hardwood floors, custom entrance doors, intricate iron railings, children's playgrounds, and store displays. One of the most unique and memorable projects was a life-size toy airplane for a children's playground in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Sculpted and cast in Bronze, Entrance Door with two Saints and Cross for Armenian Church in Chicago Illinois. Store Displays in FAO Shworts, world's largest toy store in New York.

While Artur's work includes churches and businesses, his passion lies in making his work accessible to private homeowners. His one-of-a-kind art projects transform homes into the extraordinary.

At ARTTIG, our priority is to help each customer determine their needs when it comes to designing and creating the architectural details, construction projects, or artwork of their dreams. We work with our clients to design their dream project as well as provide the work necessary to make it happen.

To view Artur`s work, receive more information, or have him provide a proposal please contact: phone number 847-804-8001, e-mail address





Arpik (Kalendjian) Weitzer is an Armenian artist, born and raised in Sochi, Russia. At a young age, growing up in Soviet Russia, she was guided and nurtured into the arts. By the age of 16, she had already received 5 years of formal training and was accepted into the Moscow School of Applied Arts and graduated in 1992. In 1996, Arpik moved to America and taught art classes at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Since then, she has completed over 100 privately commissioned art pieces and has had her art featured in several art shows and galleries in Europe and the United States. She has designed and completed projects that can be found throughout the United States in cities including Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Houston, Milwaukee, New York, Philadelphia, and San Francisco, and abroad, in Germany, Russia, and the Galapagos Isles , in Ecuador.

In her native language, Arpik means “sun-ray”. Coincidently, Arpik’s art is best appreciated in natural light. Her skilled use of color, light, and detail are characteristic features of her work.

IMG_20211119_175658_576 (1).jpg



1999 – Present  ARTTIG Artistic Creations Inc. Wisconsin-Illinois

Owner, Designer, Project Manager

Worked directly with clients to incorporate concepts into original designs; developed project quotes and negotiated conditions of project;
developed project timeline, material request, and production schedule; supervised production operations, monitored quality and specifications adherence, and installation/finishing. Projects included intricate metalwork, custom cabinetry and woodwork, permanent displays, sculpted artwork, custom stained-glass, and building/architectural modifications. Photo Portfolio at:

2000 - 2002 LASER 1, LTD. Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Part-time work and study)

Studied, Computer Design, Laser cutting technique, and Programming. Provided consultation on several intricate designs and was contracted to complete computerized design for precision laser cut product manufacturing.

1998 – 2002 INSPIRED ARTISANS, LTD. Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Part-time work)

Master Designer and Project Foreman

Responsibilities included design, developing cost estimates, organizing production schedules, and producing quality products according to specifications. Special projects included the design and laser cut programming for numerous projects, production of life-sized sculptures, restoration of antique wood and glass artifacts, carving in alabaster and marble, design and production of religious furniture.

1996-1997 CONRAD SCHMIDT STUDIO, INC. New Berlin, Wisconsin


Duties included restoring stained glass windows, design, sculpting, and wood carving of statues and hand-carved religious furniture.


Master Artist/Foreman.

Responsible for the restoration of furniture and other valuable artifacts for museum displays at the famous Pushkin Museum in Moscow. Was also contracted to restore several artifacts and craft replacement pieces for the VDNK (Exhibition Center in Moscow), and several other museums in Cologn and Siegen, in Germany.

1987 - 1989 Russian Space Center, Academy of U. Gagarin, Monino, Moscow suburbs, Russia.

Designed and created sculptured stone artifacts and developed wood inlay
furniture and souvenirs for purchase by the public. Also designed and crafted the most notable artifact, the “bust” of U. Gagarin, the famous Russian Cosmonaut. This sculptured artifact is on display at the space center and is replicated as an idol for purchase by tourists.



1983-1987 INSTITUTE OF ART AND DESIGN, Moscow, Russia Master of Art and Design. Considered to be the finest art and design schools in Europe.
Earned highest, most prestigious degree awarded, that being “Master” in Sculpting and Carving.

1980-1983 SCHOOL OF ART AND DESIGN, Sochi, Russia (Associate Degree equivalent) Studied and received technical training in the areas of design and production of artifacts and restoration of antiques.


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